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We all know that reels are one of the most powerful tools for marketing your products and services. These short videos have a unique way of grabbing users' attention, which means more engagement for your brand.

But for some people, it might not feel easy people like freelancers and small business owners who work alone sometimes feel they aren't able to make reels as they don't have a good team of video editors.

But you don't have to be a professional video editor or dancer to get on board with this new trend. Instead, the most straightforward strategies can often be the most effective at helping you reach your Instagram goals.

Let's discuss some Amazing Reels ideas you can do without a Proper Video Team:

1. Multiple Photos: Creating reels by adding numerous images is a great way to make a trending reel. You need to take a few pictures according to your product and services and add them to look like a reel.

2. Convert Tweets into reels: Turning your Tweets into Instagram Reels is a great way to get your content noticed by the social media community.

3. Quote Videos: To make your static quote graphics into video clips, take a photo of them and then add narration over the video.

4. User will save you: It's always a good idea to have original content, but user-generated content is better than nothing for those who can't afford it.

5. Texts and motions: You can also use text to create Reels. You need to add short text in reel format.

6. Humorous Reels: Memes are a great way to add humor and personality to your page. You can use this technique by overlaying a video, GIF, or image onto a background.

7. One with Creator: Let the creator do that for you; this is another most effective way to make reels hassle-free, but you need a decent budget. With some advice, you can choose influencers according to your budget; check out our blog.


No matter your video skills, there are many ways to create an effective Instagram reel. You can even create high-performing Reels without having to film a single piece of content!

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Nothing has changed from bedtime stories as a child to making stories for brands; everyone loves to read, listen, and visualize the stories. As a marketer, Brand storytelling is one of the most important parts of engaging your audience in any marketing campaign.

Making good content and publishing is not just what marketers need to do; without making a story or connections in the content, you cannot grab the audience. The essence of Storytelling is to communicate the message to the audience so that they get inspired and take action.

Let's take a relevant and live example of how you can succeed with excellent Storytelling.

Mr. Anubhav Singh Bassi is a well-known comedian for his standup comedy routines like Hostel, Cheating, and Roommates. His YouTube videos have amassed over 50 million views, and the secret to his success is his art of Storytelling.

Let's learn how Bassi nailed storytelling skills and how you can use them for your brand's marketing:

1. Knowing your audience: Bassi knows about his audience; he knows what words he should choose and what piece of content will flow correctly with the audience, eventually making them feel connected. Similarly, if you understand your audience and what makes them feel connected to your brand, you automatically choose the perfect words (keywords).

2. The major 3R'S: Bassi adheres to three significant tenants: his content is RELATABLE, RELIABLE, and RELEVANT. He tries to convert his content into a good story so that everyone can find some connection to it. Similarly, every marketer should focus on these R's while marketing their content or product.

3. Start with Blast: In every Bassi's video, you can see something terrible yet funny happening with the main character, and this makes the audience curious about what to happen next, ultimately involving the audience in a 15- 20 min video. Similarly, every marketer should market the product or create content that makes the audience so curious in the initial seconds that it hooks them all along.

4. Feels what you want them to feel: Bassi's personality comes through in his standup comedy, as he tries to match his body language to the script and feel the words. This is what marketers should do while promoting their products, feel what you want them to feel; that is when you'll be able to connect most with the audience.

5. The Grand Finale: Bassi's grand finale is always exciting; he doesn't build tension at the beginning but instead tries to engage the audience until the end when he delivers a big finish. This is how a marketer should approach product and service promotion: start with curiosity, engage in the middle, and end with customer satisfaction.


Bassi to buss krega nahii! Hence, you need to boost your storytelling skills. The art of Storytelling is becoming more and more valuable as a marketing strategy and an essential skill in the business world.

Storytelling involves using a narrative to communicate a message that will inspire action to make you believe in what you put and not shying away from trusting you enough to buy from you eventually.

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Instagram has been rolling out new ad placements rapidly over the past few years, including Stories Ads, Reels Ads, and Instagram Explore Ads.

Explore Ads allow advertisers to show sponsored content on the Explore page, where users go to browse images and videos that the app has curated based on their past behavior and interests.

They are an exciting placement option because they reach people who don't already follow you while in prime discovery mode.

How do Instagram Ads Work in the Explore Feature?

The explore grid on Instagram is customized to each user's interests. According to Facebook, the explore page sources content from across the Instagram platform based on what interests an individual. However, ads do not show up in the explore feed.

Ads only appear after users click on a picture or video in the explore feed. The user can view a contextual feed of content similar to the post clicked on. That is where explore ads got displayed in the same format as standard Instagram feed ads. It helps prevent ads from being intrusive and overwhelming to users viewing the grid.

How to set up Instagram Explore page ads

To create Instagram Explore ads, follow the same steps as you would for regular Instagram newsfeed ads.

  1. In Facebook Ads Manager, create a new ad or edit an existing ad,

  2. Choose an objective that supports Instagram Explore as an ad placement.

  3. Complete the details for your ad set, including selecting Instagram Explore as an Automatic Placement or, if you choose Edit Placements, check the box for Explore under Instagram.

  4. Select Continue

You can preview your ad before submitting it for review — and after review, you'll be notified of its approval or disapproval. If approved, you can see where people are viewing your ad in the results section of Ads Manager.

Tips For Creating Effective Instagram Explore Ads

Consider using Instagram Explore Ads to reach new audiences.

  • Users love the Explore section because they can discover new brands, products, and content. It is an excellent opportunity to connect with open-minded users who may be interested in your brand. Try using lookalike audience targeting or interest and behavior targeting to find the right users to target with your ads.

  • Test different creatives to see what performs better in the Explore section versus the feed. Even though you can use the same creative for both placements, it's always worth testing to see what works best for a new audience

  • Reels are a prevalent feature gathering a ton of attention on Instagram. Creating ads resembling Reels can help you show up in Reels Ads and Explore Ads and drive engagement both ways. Be careful with cropping here, though. Reels are full-screen like Stories and Explore Ads are not, but you can use the same content and crop it manually to ensure it's a fit.


Instagram Ads can help grow your brand's reach if used wisely. So, what are you waiting for? Explore this new feature of Instagram and get rolling with increasing the popularity of your brand. Check out our CRIO App for Creating amazing graphics for your explore ads.

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