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Writing a bio for your business on Instagram can be tricky. It's only 150 characters, so you can't say everything about what you do in one place. If you use this little space wisely, you can make your Instagram Business profile stand out from the crowd.

This guide will show you how to draft an Instagram bio that works for your brand and aligns with your marketing plan.

But first, pay attention to the purpose of the Instagram bio:

  1. It helps the brand to showcase its personality.

  2. It helps the user to know about the brand.

  3. It gave the right direction for the user to follow.

  4. It helps the brand to connect to its followers.

Now, let's draft the perfect bio for your brand:

Step 1: Mention whom you help and how you help them:

To write a good Instagram bio, start by telling viewers who you are and how you can help them. Then describe your target audience and what you can offer them

Example: Healthy food for the fitness lover.

Step 2: What makes your product or service unique:

Tell them about what makes you unique and different, as several businesses are playing in your niche. So, please give them the reason you are the perfect choice for them.

Example: open terrace area and pleasant environment

Step 3: Build your credibility:

Showcasing something that proves what you're saying through your Instagram bio is an excellent way to build your credibility.

Example: Delhi's most famous cafe

Step 4: Add a tagline:

Add a tagline to your bio. It is a convenient way of putting your brand's name in front of your audience's eyes.

Example: fit and eat

Step 5: Expand on benefits:

Brands can always add more benefits to their business and make it more attractive to the audience.

Example: special offer

Step 6: Add a call-to-action (CTA):

Ensure your CTA is clear and easy to access, so viewers can click it immediately and join their target audience.

Example: follow healthy recipes

Step 7: Make them feel warm and fuzzy inside:

Please give them the feeling of being at home by giving them a warm feeling inside.

Example: come and have some.


Your Instagram bio is the first thing people read when they come to your Instagram business account; if your bio is compelling enough, they only they'll go through your Instagram posts, be it Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels or Posts. So make sure to use it as a great way to boost your social presence and show off your brand identity. It could also help you showcase your creative side, entertain your audience and make them want to follow your Instagram Feed.

Now that your bio is sorted, it's time to look into content creation. That is another most critical part of your Instagram profile.

Don't worry; CRIO is here with amazing content in no time.

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No boss, No office, No time, and Good earnings seem like a great life, RIGHT? That's freelance life, but it's not as awesome as people think. It's just opposite what you think, from working 24/7 to playing different roles to manage everything on their own. Though this field has many pros like freedom or your set of environment, with all these pros, there are many cons to working alone, managing every work, and taking time to handle sales to social media. Since Social media is one of the important ways to grow your business these days, one needs to be accurate in all aspects of social media. From creating a post to managing all engagement parts but being a freelancer, one doesn't have much time to work on their and client's social media; managing several clients or projects at once is pretty challenging. But no more worries now, CRIO came as the most significant helping hand for the freelancer;

CRIO is the pocket social media that help you in every aspect; now, you can manage your social media easily.

Let’s see how CRIO is making your life easy and smooth:

1. Planning: CRIO helps you plan the whole schedule with the help well-maintained calendar, where you can check what to post on what day; even the CRIO app has a proper section to let you know about your daily engagement. With these, you can control and maintain the number of social media accounts.

2. Time: With the CRIO app, you will save lots of your time; now, you don't need to check the end number of articles or youtube to check how to increase the engagement rate; go through different platforms to check the content, or what to post today.Within just a few clicks, you will find trending creative to post and all the engagement activities.

3. Content: CRIO provides you with trending creatives, even if it's a working Monday or tips Tuesday or you want to celebrate festivals with your followers. Not only does the CRIO app provide you with several creatives, but you can also make creatives in 5 min.

4. Delivery: Now, don't worry about the deadlines of your end number of projects. With CRIO, you need 5 min to create and design your upcoming post and deliver your work as fast and as timely as you can.


No matter who you are, a freelancer or a small business owner, everyone has some deadlines and wants to save as much time as possible. The CRIO app will offer everything with these unique features like Marketing Guide, Content Suggestions, and Content Creation. Marketing Guide will help you know about your engagement activities; Content Creation will help you make content in 5 min with the best graphics, and Content Suggestion will suggest the best post and stories every day.

Challenge your deadlines with CRIO To know more, Download CRIO now!

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Digital marketing is an ever-changing environment, and currently, a lot is happening in digital marketing, from WhatsApp to Instagram to every single digital platform trying to do something more, try to make our life simpler, secure and magical.


Let's find out the recent and most Important Digital Marketing Updates:

1. Instagram is Testing a New' Not Interested' Feature:

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow you to mark multiple posts as 'Not Interested' in one go. This should enable you to instantly delete a bunch of trash, demonstrating to Instagram that you're not interested in the selected topics.

2. Shop groceries on WhatsApp:

Meta has launched a new eCommerce store on WhatsApp in India, 'JioMart.' People in India can browse through the grocery chain's entire catalog using the service. They can then add items to their cart and pay for them directly from within the conversation with a chatbot. Persons who have never purchased online before can do so with the help of JioMart's chatbots.

3. Messenger is rolling out group chat links to streamline group chats:

Messenger's Group Invites feature has been added to the app to streamline group chats. Group admins can now share links that other users can tap to join a group chat, making groups more accessible and efficient.

4. Pinning at Tweeter:

Twitter is testing a new feature that lets users highlight a specific reply to their tweets with a single click. This will allow you to keep the message at the top of the thread, maximizing its exposure.

5. Editable Tweets:

All users can see edited tweets by clicking on the pencil icon in edited tweets, including a notice at the bottom stating that the tweet has been altered. Many people already sound alarmed about the potential damage that altered tweets could cause, so we've enabled edit history for all to view.

6. Twitter Circle:

Twitter has announced that it will expand access to its private sharing feature "Circles." Users can add up to 150 people to their Circle and choose whether their tweets are visible only to members of their Circle or to everyone on Twitter.

7. LinkedIn Scheduling:

LinkedIn has introduced a new scheduling option for its post composer. A clock icon will be added to the bottom right of the screen, which may help you schedule more posts on your account. The scheduling feature is not yet available for third-party apps like Buffer, but most scheduling tools now have preview features to assist with this.

8. Swipeable Google:

Google is testing a new feature showing you places to eat with swipeable cards. It's like a pack grid view for restaurants, so you can see what's close to you and how far it is from your current location.

9. Tag on Brand:

Google is testing an eCommerce search feature that displays product photos alongside those without them. It's called "Explore brands," and it's available for several brands as of now, according to a tag on the site.


Every day, week, and month Digital Marketing gives us new updates; it is essential to keep updating yourself with these updates, but as much as it is crucial, it is way too complicated to know about every update.

CRIO is there to let you know about what is happening in Digital marketing these days.


Let's find out the recent and most important Digital Marketing Updates:

1. Instagram Scheduling: Instagram is rolling out a new feature that will allow users to schedule posts to go out later.

For example, if you're posting a video with captions and want it to show up on your Instagram feed at 6 pm tomorrow, you can set the post to live at that time.

2. Change in Youtube shorts: YouTube is rolling out new prompts for Shorts clips and new insights into channel recommendations. Creators can use video comments as a more direct prompt for future Shorts episodes when they use YouTube's new option.

3. More control on Whatsapp: In new updates, WhatsApp will let you control who sees when you're online. You'll be able to choose who can see when you're online—Everyone, Contacts only, My Contacts except me, or Nobody. Additionally, WhatsApp is adding the option to leave groups silently so you can skip out without alerting all group members.

4. Linkedin's new section: LinkedIn has added a new section on job listings called 'Meet the team', which helps candidates to know about the team and its workings. In addition, it's testing a Discover feed that highlights newsletters, events, and social media posts from within your network of connections.

5. Stories to Reel: Meta will launch a new feature that allows users to post 'Add Yours' questions via Reels clips. In addition to this, A new feature enables users to create Facebook Reels from their archived Stories automatically. Users can also see all the video responses to prompts within each app.

6. Download with Watermark: YouTube has added new watermarks to videos downloaded from the Shorts video library. These watermarks will help prevent users from reposting clips to other apps.

7. Google New Algorithm: Google has announced a new algorithm called the "Helpful Content Update." The search engine said it would focus on sites primarily designed to rank well in search engines, not just informational sites. Google says, "We will ensure that unoriginal, low-quality Content doesn't rank highly in Search."


Every day, week, and month Digital Marketing gives us new updates; it is essential to keep updating yourself with these updates, but as much as it is crucial, it is way too complicated to know about every update.

CRIO is there to let you know about what is happening in Digital marketing these days.

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