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Why Should Storytelling Be A Priority For Marketers? How Anubhav Singh Bassi uses Storytelling?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Nothing has changed from bedtime stories as a child to making stories for brands; everyone loves to read, listen, and visualize the stories. As a marketer, Brand storytelling is one of the most important parts of engaging your audience in any marketing campaign.

Making good content and publishing is not just what marketers need to do; without making a story or connections in the content, you cannot grab the audience. The essence of Storytelling is to communicate the message to the audience so that they get inspired and take action.

Let's take a relevant and live example of how you can succeed with excellent Storytelling.

Mr. Anubhav Singh Bassi is a well-known comedian for his standup comedy routines like Hostel, Cheating, and Roommates. His YouTube videos have amassed over 50 million views, and the secret to his success is his art of Storytelling.

Let's learn how Bassi nailed storytelling skills and how you can use them for your brand's marketing:

1. Knowing your audience: Bassi knows about his audience; he knows what words he should choose and what piece of content will flow correctly with the audience, eventually making them feel connected. Similarly, if you understand your audience and what makes them feel connected to your brand, you automatically choose the perfect words (keywords).

2. The major 3R'S: Bassi adheres to three significant tenants: his content is RELATABLE, RELIABLE, and RELEVANT. He tries to convert his content into a good story so that everyone can find some connection to it. Similarly, every marketer should focus on these R's while marketing their content or product.

3. Start with Blast: In every Bassi's video, you can see something terrible yet funny happening with the main character, and this makes the audience curious about what to happen next, ultimately involving the audience in a 15- 20 min video. Similarly, every marketer should market the product or create content that makes the audience so curious in the initial seconds that it hooks them all along.

4. Feels what you want them to feel: Bassi's personality comes through in his standup comedy, as he tries to match his body language to the script and feel the words. This is what marketers should do while promoting their products, feel what you want them to feel; that is when you'll be able to connect most with the audience.

5. The Grand Finale: Bassi's grand finale is always exciting; he doesn't build tension at the beginning but instead tries to engage the audience until the end when he delivers a big finish. This is how a marketer should approach product and service promotion: start with curiosity, engage in the middle, and end with customer satisfaction.


Bassi to buss krega nahii! Hence, you need to boost your storytelling skills. The art of Storytelling is becoming more and more valuable as a marketing strategy and an essential skill in the business world.

Storytelling involves using a narrative to communicate a message that will inspire action to make you believe in what you put and not shying away from trusting you enough to buy from you eventually.

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