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Instagram New Game-Changing Updates That will make it easier for you to get viral

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

It feels like Instagram is never going to stop surprising us! It's a special feeling as it is great to see how Instagram is working hard to make it more easy and happening, there are constantly new features and functionalities continually being developed to help support business growth.

Instagram has revealed new changes to its platform which will now make it easier for businesses and brands to see more engagement for their content. The changes are so significant that many businesses are now turning to Instagram As one of the largest growth engines for their business, as it is commonly considered more attractive than Twitter in terms of engagement.

Let's take a look at some of the most recent Instagram Updates that will make you viral:

  1. **Reels Templates**: Instagram Introduces a new time-saving tool called Reels Templates. With this feature, you can quickly copy timing and clip settings for an existing Reel saving tons of work and effort. How to do it? Once you’ve got the latest Instagram update, open your install app and move to the Reels tab by clicking the playback button at the bottom of your screen. Scroll down until you find a video worth imitating. If you see “use template” above their username tap that and if not tap on the three buttons in the lower right corner and from the drop-down select “use as template”.

  2. Add polls, quizzes, and emojis in reels: Reel just keeps getting better with every update! With the latest release, you now have the ability to add polls, quizzes, and emojis in Reels. This gives you more ways to engage your viewers and helps increase impact since they can share their thoughts on what they just saw with other people who saw it as well - or just simply interact with each other rather than have to sit in silence because nothing was added to the video. How to do it? When you’ve captured or imported content in Instagram Reels, tap the “Stickers” icon at the top of the screen which enables you to run polls, create quizzes to ask your fans questions, and even add an image swipe-up interaction.

  3. Now you can create reels for up to 90 seconds: Another update to Reels by Instagram is that now you can create reels for up to 90 seconds, which allows you to share even more of your creativity! Ideas for 90sec reels: DIY Tutorials, Day in the life vlog, Movie and TV critiques.

  4. Instagram grid pinning feature: Another update from Instagram is the new feature called Pinning Feed Grid. It's on testing current. With Feed Grid, users can now choose to pin posts to their grid and place a larger focus on specific feed entries - either for promotional purposes or simply to get people who visit your profile more involved with what you have going on that day. How to do it? Go to the post from the feed which you want to pin then press the 3 dots that appear on the right side now it has many options, Simply click the pin it button. Once pinned, the selected post will be visible at the top of your profile grid and sit there until you unpin it. To do this, simply go back to your profile and hit the "unpin" icon. P.s you can only pin 3 posts or reels not more than that.

  5. Stories display with the “show all” button: Instagram is looking to revamp the way stories are viewed as they may be testing a new layout that displays just 3 stories at any given moment. Any extras will then be hidden away behind a "show all" button under the top navigation bar and arranged by swiping them horizontally.


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