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Getting Started

Why do you want to get started

If you’re like most business owners who spend hours a day browsing through social media for getting inspiration and want to provide amazing content by applying the best marketing strategy but lately it's been a hectic job for you to manage all the workflow then you have reached the right place. CRIO Digital is a one-stop solution for all your problems. It's a digital marketing app that can help you manage all of your social platforms in one place, making it easier than ever to discover what's most effective and how to best optimize your efforts. Just like having a Social Media Marketer in the pocket.

To get started with the app go through this blog and everything will be solved. The following blog contains all the information you need to get started with CRIO App. This guide will help you open, create and publish the best content on your social media platforms.

Start with social marketing journey
On this page

1. How to create your account?

2. Setting up your brand to go viral.

3. Analyzing the best strategy for your brand.

4. Getting Inspiration and Creating Content.

How to create your account

Begin with downloading our app from the Google play store.

Before you start exploring CRIO app you first need to create your account by providing us the general information like your email ID and setting up a strong password.


Setting up your brand to go viral

For setting up your account some basic information will be asked which helps our AI to analyze your social media accounts and provide the best marketing strategy and trending content suggestions.

Once you enter the app you would see two main features Suggested and Created.

The suggestions are divided into 3 parts.

  1. Marketing Guide.

  2. Suggestions for your brand.

  3. Recently Created.

Analyzing the best strategy for your brand

Marketing Guide has daily activities to perform which are suggested according to your industry. To help ascertain the best way for your brand when you sign up for the first time, a few questions are asked which allows our AI to provide the best set of strategies just for your business.

Most of us think making an extensive marketing campaign is the only way to spread the word but many small activities are one that truly helps your brand to go viral. After all, social media is all about being social with your audience. You can even check how much engagement you have done in our engagement bar feature.

Getting inspiration and Creating Content

Now go to the Suggestions, these features help you plan all the content bank for this month. It also provides you with the best content according to your industry and any specific event. You can use the suggestions or you can modify them in our app with a creative option.

Now comes the + sign, this option helps you create your next post in a maximum of 2 minutes. Once you click on the + button it will ask what you wanna create, a post, story, or banner.

So for creating content, Let’s take the example that you have to create a post for your Fashion Brand. After tapping on the post you have selected the industry and event, write down the content you want on the post, and choose the picture. Then CRIO starts providing you with suggested content according to your industry, platform, and target audience. You can even make basic corrections like color and text. You can also convert your post into a story by tapping on a simple similar button. Our Creating Content feature not only rests there it also gives in an option to create a carousel by tapping on the add option. It has two features for creating a carousel, you create a duplicate or a similar content. In the Similar Option, our AI provides similar suggestions.

In the Created feature you can check the content you created. Now, with the share button, you can share the content you just created on your different social media platforms and enjoy hassle-free social media growth.

Further Queries

Now since you have a good idea of our CRIO app then what are you waiting for download it and make your business go viral with us. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at for any assistance.

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