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"Top 9 reel ideas to do by yourself to keep up with the trend"

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Are there any Reels ideas left to produce? Which ones are the good ones and which ones aren't?

Reels can do so much more than you ever could imagine. But being a reel newbie, it's difficult to know which reels are good for you and in which situation.

If a post is getting lots of engagement, you could get a package of cars to push that content even further. If they want to make money on that video, they increase their budget and put more money into it. The other day I saw one of my business partners' Instagram posts showing up on the Reels. These are entirely different than the regular feed so try to work with Instagram in making sure your content can go viral for your efforts.

It's time for tips on growing your business with reels! Regardless of where you are with your brand, it's always good to get some ideas from other smart people. Here are some we've gathered:

  1. “Get to know me” Reels: These are a relaxed and informal version of some of the things we touched upon earlier like brand and team member introductions. A small snippet of what you're doing in your time, or a story divided into multiple parts, makes for an engaging and relatable experience for your viewers. Example

  2. “Day in the life” videos: The #DayInTheLife tag is a popular one where you share bits of your day and some people share their work days, self-cares and weekend sat. Example

  3. Commentary Videos with the Green-Screen Effect: Using a green screen (like background lighting) can create a variety of effects in the video. When applying this technique, it is best to have a dark matte attached with lights going toward the green background. So this will make it appear as if your video is being played within an actual website or electronic device. The idea that you are trying to convey can be taken further in many speaking videos where you speak to friends as if they were just right there with you (with their reactions) and not on the screen at all. Example

  4. Unboxing: One way to do successful reviews is by doing those popular ‘unboxing videos'. You’ll know that it works because people feel as though they are opening a present with you. They are great for pretty much any festival or occasion. Example

  5. Make a video on holidays: The holiday season is a perfect time to take advantage of and boost your business’ growth opportunities through new customer acquisitions. You might already know this from that great coffee company called Starbucks which does an excellent job of not just boosting the image of their brand, but rather it has been said that they have proven masters at creating promotional videos online which grab your attention and makes you want a barista-crafted Starbucks beverage right then and there! Example

  6. Outfit of the day” Videos: Even if this has Showing off the trendy clothes you like wearing or the shoes that complement one another perfectly. Individuality is a trend of its own, so make sure you market yourself in such a way! Let them know who are you by dressing normally as you do and similarly showcasing your videos. There’s no need for special effects when it comes down to looking presentable or being natural on camera - oh and don’t forget about picking out music for your video either! Make sure it picks up the perfect mood for your video reels. Everyone will appreciate some tunes that are great for dancing when uploading their reels. Example

  7. Listicles: Listicles aren’t the only thing online that offers people the chance to write a medium-length post with images. As a writer, you might have some pictures that go along with your piece and want to add them to your page to engage more readers. Visitors will enjoy reading things you write as long as they can capture their interest in ways other than just by putting a catchy image on the site for them to click on. Example

  8. Snap Trend: When you snap a random fact appears on the screen that you wrote about yourself or your business in advance. It’s thematically tied to each song you choose but doesn’t have to be exactly word-for-word—just make sure it fits with the overall tone and meaning of your message. Your viewers should be able to follow along easily by watching your snaps. This works well if you are a musician or a DJ because integration is seamless, or if you want to even create an original piece of music around their responses!


We’re excited for you to begin planning out and creating Instagram Reels and Reel Remixes to keep your followers’ attention! Just create the Reels, grow your followers and watch your business flourish.

CRIO is a one-stop platform that allows you to create, post, and grow your followers on Instagram. Try it now!

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