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How to Grow your Instagram by Creating Shareable Content

Do you know about "Mouth Marketing of Digital World"?

It is when other people recommend your content to their friends or followers because it provides information or is a great entertainment source. In simple words, it is called Shareable Content.

Shareable content is something that is visually as well as intellectually stimulating. The main motive is to inspire your audience to save and share your post. Understanding your audience's needs and desires and packaging your content to look visually appealing is vital for creating engaging content.

Let's learn about the process of making sharable content:

  1. Get Inspired: You will need something to inspire you to create content. The best way to get a boost is by scrolling your Instagram feed. When you scroll your feed, make sure you save the post which looks good according to your niche.

  2. Know your core message: The core message is something that creates value in your post, something learnable or educative. Try to find your message, i.e. one thing you love to educate your audience about through your content.

  3. Expand your core message: when you find your core message, it is time to expand the message in simplifying way or in a way everyone can educate themselves.

  4. Concept work: Just finding inspiration isn't enough; there should be a proper script or an adequate concept showing how you want to showcase your content graphically and content-wise.

  5. Magnetic caption: It's time to re-communicate your idea in your post. Writing an engaging caption is very important to complete your post 100%. Try to start writing your caption with a takeaway line and then points to prove it. At last, write something engaging so that audience can share their views.


Creating shareable content for Instagram is a great way to expand your reach, and having your audience share your content will help you reach more people. When you start creating authentic content that people can communicate freely, you'll find them more engaged and connected to you. That makes it easier for Instagram to see that your content is valuable.

CRIO will help you make sharable content without the whole tiering process. Download CRIO to make your brand go viral.

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