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How to Craft an Impactful Instagram Bio for your Small Business

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Writing a bio for your business on Instagram can be tricky. It's only 150 characters, so you can't say everything about what you do in one place. If you use this little space wisely, you can make your Instagram Business profile stand out from the crowd.

This guide will show you how to draft an Instagram bio that works for your brand and aligns with your marketing plan.

But first, pay attention to the purpose of the Instagram bio:

  1. It helps the brand to showcase its personality.

  2. It helps the user to know about the brand.

  3. It gave the right direction for the user to follow.

  4. It helps the brand to connect to its followers.

Now, let's draft the perfect bio for your brand:

Step 1: Mention whom you help and how you help them:

To write a good Instagram bio, start by telling viewers who you are and how you can help them. Then describe your target audience and what you can offer them

Example: Healthy food for the fitness lover.

Step 2: What makes your product or service unique:

Tell them about what makes you unique and different, as several businesses are playing in your niche. So, please give them the reason you are the perfect choice for them.

Example: open terrace area and pleasant environment

Step 3: Build your credibility:

Showcasing something that proves what you're saying through your Instagram bio is an excellent way to build your credibility.

Example: Delhi's most famous cafe

Step 4: Add a tagline:

Add a tagline to your bio. It is a convenient way of putting your brand's name in front of your audience's eyes.

Example: fit and eat

Step 5: Expand on benefits:

Brands can always add more benefits to their business and make it more attractive to the audience.

Example: special offer

Step 6: Add a call-to-action (CTA):

Ensure your CTA is clear and easy to access, so viewers can click it immediately and join their target audience.

Example: follow healthy recipes

Step 7: Make them feel warm and fuzzy inside:

Please give them the feeling of being at home by giving them a warm feeling inside.

Example: come and have some.


Your Instagram bio is the first thing people read when they come to your Instagram business account; if your bio is compelling enough, they only they'll go through your Instagram posts, be it Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels or Posts. So make sure to use it as a great way to boost your social presence and show off your brand identity. It could also help you showcase your creative side, entertain your audience and make them want to follow your Instagram Feed.

Now that your bio is sorted, it's time to look into content creation. That is another most critical part of your Instagram profile.

Don't worry; CRIO is here with amazing content in no time.

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