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How do Freelancers Manage Multiple Projects at once with CRIO App?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

No boss, No office, No time, and Good earnings seem like a great life, RIGHT? That's freelance life, but it's not as awesome as people think. It's just opposite what you think, from working 24/7 to playing different roles to manage everything on their own. Though this field has many pros like freedom or your set of environment, with all these pros, there are many cons to working alone, managing every work, and taking time to handle sales to social media. Since Social media is one of the important ways to grow your business these days, one needs to be accurate in all aspects of social media. From creating a post to managing all engagement parts but being a freelancer, one doesn't have much time to work on their and client's social media; managing several clients or projects at once is pretty challenging. But no more worries now, CRIO came as the most significant helping hand for the freelancer;

CRIO is the pocket social media that help you in every aspect; now, you can manage your social media easily.

Let’s see how CRIO is making your life easy and smooth:

1. Planning: CRIO helps you plan the whole schedule with the help well-maintained calendar, where you can check what to post on what day; even the CRIO app has a proper section to let you know about your daily engagement. With these, you can control and maintain the number of social media accounts.

2. Time: With the CRIO app, you will save lots of your time; now, you don't need to check the end number of articles or youtube to check how to increase the engagement rate; go through different platforms to check the content, or what to post today.Within just a few clicks, you will find trending creative to post and all the engagement activities.

3. Content: CRIO provides you with trending creatives, even if it's a working Monday or tips Tuesday or you want to celebrate festivals with your followers. Not only does the CRIO app provide you with several creatives, but you can also make creatives in 5 min.

4. Delivery: Now, don't worry about the deadlines of your end number of projects. With CRIO, you need 5 min to create and design your upcoming post and deliver your work as fast and as timely as you can.


No matter who you are, a freelancer or a small business owner, everyone has some deadlines and wants to save as much time as possible. The CRIO app will offer everything with these unique features like Marketing Guide, Content Suggestions, and Content Creation. Marketing Guide will help you know about your engagement activities; Content Creation will help you make content in 5 min with the best graphics, and Content Suggestion will suggest the best post and stories every day.

Challenge your deadlines with CRIO To know more, Download CRIO now!

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