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Ways to earn money from Pinterest in 2022!

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

If you are in the visual industry then Pinterest can be your helping hand in improving your online revenue!

Since 2010, Pinterest is serving its users with DIY projects, Recipes, product pictures, and thousands of many more things. It’s not only a creative platform it also helps you to earn money not directly but in many other indirect ways.

If you are still wondering “how can you earn from Pinterest” then you are in the right place and wait till the end to find the end result. Pinterest does not pay its pinners just YouTube pays its creators but one can still use it to drive improve your current business and can make it your side hassles.

By using images or videos with links to outside you can create pins on Pinterest. So if you can leverage those links, you can learn how to make money on Pinterest.

Learn about the ways by which you can earn money from Pinterest!

1) Pinterest Virtual Assistant is the future.

They help the users like bloggers, social media marketers, and business owners to optimize their Pinterest accounts. Being a Pinterest Virtual Assistant includes things like these…

  • Creating Pins

  • Working with Pinterest Ads Manager for Promoting Pins

  • Scheduling Content for your clients

  • Doing Keyword Research for pins descriptions

  • Creating a Sales Funnel.

  • Pinterest marketing strategies

The most exciting thing about being a Virtual Assistant is that It’s insanely Flexible - you work when you want and where you want — and it stays interesting. Most Pinterest virtual assistants have several clients, and they perform different kinds of Pinterest management tasks for each one.

2) Using Affiliating Links in your pins.

In the Pinterest Affiliate Marketing business, you can promote any product or service by putting a direct affiliate link on your creative pins. Once the user finds your link, they click on it and are directed to a website where they can make the purchase and you’ll get your commission from each sale.

Now the only thing you need to do is sign up with your favorite brands as an affiliate and provide the link and useful content to your audience.

3) Driving traffic to your eCommerce site.

90% of people say that Pinterest helps them decide what to buy and 66% of people actually buy something after seeing it on Pinterest. Just like bloggers, if you are a business owner you can utilize Pinterest in the same way by creating pins to promote your products, doing keyword research, putting together boards for different style themes, etc.

You can leverage your Pinterest with Promoted pins, they are the pins that look like a normal pin but basically, they are the Pinterest version of Facebook ads.

4) Start promoting your blogs.

There are plenty of ways by which you can earn money on Pinterest but blogging comes on the top of the list which has the highest earning potential.

Most people have this misconception that Pinterest is a normal social media platform just like Instagram and TikTok - but it simply isn’t true. Pinterest is way more powerful than that in terms of helping bloggers reach a greater audience and make money with their content.

Pinterest helps you bring more visitors to your content and your chances of running a profitable and successful business blog also increase.

5) Shop the Look Pins.

It’s way easier to earn money by promoting the products you are wearing or using, Shop the look pins are more popular than other types of pins. Create Pinterest boards for your audience.

For creating shop the look pins you first need to create a business account. It’s similar to affiliate marketing, but it’s with individual products on individual pins. Promote your looks on affiliate networks.


You can create a great business for yourself by just simply putting yourself out in the world of pins. There are a lot of opportunities to make money from Pinterest.

Do you know what’s the best part you don’t need a million followers to make money through Pinterest? Try out the ways which we have mentioned earlier and improve your conversions.

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