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Misconceptions about Target Audiences in Social Media

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Do you ever find yourself thinking, Is this my audience? Am I targeting the right audience?

Targeting the right audience is one of those things which mostly confuses people, and in the end, they choose the wrong audience for themselves or their clients; especially for a small business owner, it might get a little challenging to find the right target audience.

But we all know finding a target audience is as essential as creating reels for social media these days; you can't run your business if you don't know or are not sure about your audience.

Being unsure about your target audience leads you to a significant unsuccessful business.

Let's break down some of these Misconceptions you might be following for Finding the Right Target Audience:

1. Followers are not equal to the target audience:

Many people think that people who follow them on social media are their audience, but that's not the actual truth; not everyone comes to your page to buy something or knowing about the brand. Research shows that 70% of your social media does not even know what your brand does. So, don't fall for social media followers as your actual audience trap.

2. Not everyone who could use your product is your target audience:

Your customers are not just those who buy from you but also those who would benefit from what you offer. For example, if you sell shoes and people come to your website because they have foot problems, then this does not mean that all of these people are potential customers for your shoes; it simply means some of them might be potential customers for your boots! Similarly, run a blog about healthy eating options. People who read blogs might not be your target audience as they may be too busy with their own lives to spend time reading blogs on their phones while waiting at the bus stop; however, there are still many others out there who do read blogs regularly.

3. Your current customer might not be your target audience:

The general misconception is that the target audience is only people with specific needs or problems. But this isn't always true. You can have a large target audience if you have the right message and can effectively reach them with your marketing strategies.

4. There is no rule that one product should have one Target audience:

This is an error in logic. It's not true that only one product should have a single target audience. The target audience for a product can be vast and still be relevant to the brand and its consequences. The target audience for content is much more specific than the target audience for a product. The best example is YouTube, where a company like Coca-Cola has multiple types of content on its channel that appeal to different kinds of viewers.


What should we keep in mind while targeting the right audiences?

Keep in mind that social media marketing aims to get people to engage with your business and grow your customer base. This means that it's essential for your brand to know what type of person is going to buy from you and why they do so. You can use Facebook ads or Google Ads to find out who these people are.

Once you have identified who these people are, it's time to think about how you can reach them with your website, blog posts, or even email campaigns.

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