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How should a Small Business Owner use Instagram in branding 2022?

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Do you feel that Instagram marketing isn't for you because you are a small business owner and can't seem to get that client's to like your page? Or Are you experiencing difficulty in your Instagram marketing?

There are many ways small businesses can use Instagram in branding 2022; since most business people don't know how to manage their social media, even some can never find the key to success on social media.

Here are the marketing strategies for small businesses to connect and convert ideal clients:

1. Creative and quality content: You must have heard that first impressions matter immensely. Content is the first thing that makes people like, follow or share your post, so try to make it clear and creative. To know in-depth about quality content, check out our blog!

2. Make your feed balanced: It's 2022 now; you can't just focus on stories, posts, or short-term content. But now, with all the new updated features of Instagram, you need to make sure that your focus is on creating video content, i.e., reels. as per the Instagram algorithm.

It is easier to get in touch with your audience through Reels. Hence, the more you give what Instagram wants, Instagram gives what you want.

3. Micro-Influencers: Ever heard about the term micro-influencer? So, we all know that influencer marketing is on the boom now, and since this industry is growing, it is becoming costlier.

Micro-influencers are people with reach and audience. But on a smaller scale, you can attract your audience directly with a specific audience, proper niche, and low budget. You can choose influencers according to your budget and their reaches and followers.

4. User-generated content: It means re-using your user's content; let's say you are the owner of some fashion brand, and when people wear your clothes, they might share some pictures with you, and then you post them. This strategy makes you reliable and genuine.

You can take an example from go pro's Instagram account, 90% of the content is user-generated content.

5. Direct Connection: Instagram DM's or Direct Messages are an excellent way to make connections and relationships with people you think are suitable for your business or somehow help you in growing. But the point to be noted here is don't spam them; there is a proper way of making conversation.


The Instagram app has a lot of capability for small business growth. You can do a lot, from short sneak to launching your products.

Please take the suggestions listed to find your best working Instagram features for growing your small business. CRIO is here to help all small business owners by creating content in no time.

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