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Getting started with your Influencer Marketing Team

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Marketers will spend more money on advertising for consumers, particularly when they use what is known as "influencer marketing." When it comes down to influencers and how they can help brands in terms of promoting themselves online, 60% of marketers say that influencer-generated content performs better than branded content.

Deciding to work with influencers can put your brand at risk because there are no tools that can effectively measure the effectiveness of influencers' many strategies and tactics. However, successful influencer marketing is dynamic and complex - you can't automate success. Configuration, campaign management, and reporting are required for a diverse team in terms of competencies and tools, as well as skills like community engagement, knowledge of specific verticals, and even merchandise sourcing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

What Does an Influencer Marketing Team do?

Influencer marketing combines celebrity endorsements and community engagement on influential channels. Influencers are valuable new branding experts, but this concept has used celebrities or online personalities for many years. The difference is the use of influencers rather than famous names to promote products, services, or messages.

When you are looking to market a product of your own, the best and easiest way to achieve brand recognition is by using celebrities who have some sway over your target crowd and having them talk about your product.

Influencer marketing leverages the power of social media and highly-engaged content users who command massive amounts of influence in their respective niches. Influencer marketing essentially works by looking for mediums through which users can reach and pitch relevant products and services online to other people (or their followers). You will use influencer marketers to create a focal point for your promotional strategy.

Here are some things an influencer marketer can accomplish:

  • They will compose an influencer marketing strategy.

  • They will find, vet, and partner with the perfect influencers while staying within your budget.

  • They will create content that reflects your brand image.

  • They will manage your campaign to ensure each step is carried out effectively.

  • One key benefit to working with professional influencers is their ability to truly understand your goals and how their skills can serve you better than anyone else. These professionals know what they're doing because they're dedicated to helping people succeed!

Here are some best practices for building High Performing Influencer Team:

Set the Goals Accordingly:

Before you go about doing anything, clarify what you want out of the company. This will help you identify specific positions that are best suited for your agencies to fill.

For example, with influencer marketing and other digital forms of marketing in mind, these roles might cross over into different departments throughout the organization to carry out tasks related to online reputation management and more traditional forms of marketing like social media management.

How to do that:

  • With smart goals, you'll ensure that your objectives are specific and detailed and that each destination has a metric to monitor performance consistently.

  • Each goal has a practical method or channel which will boost its attainment, that your objectives have a purpose with your marketing strategy in mind, and have a timeline placed on them to track progress throughout.

  • Feeling satisfied having created reasonable goals may save time working towards the right direction, helping achieve an elevated productivity level among workers inside the company, ultimately earning profits easily.

Measured Performances:

The measurement of performance is to understand the effectiveness of your efforts, improve what you are doing, and assess the money spent.

A performance-based approach to influencer marketing with specific metrics is a great idea and can eliminate guesswork and help align budget spending with tangible results. However, it's important to remember that influencer marketing evolves much faster because it follows social media trend cycles. Successful influencer marketing requires budgeting to flow alongside current trends and popular topics as they emerge online.

How to do that:

Influencer marketing is a powerful way for businesses to reach more customers. But sometimes, it can be hard to know what metrics you should use to measure the success of your influencer marketing efforts.

One of the ways to measure the performance-based approach to influencer marketing is by using specific KPIs. First, all campaigns should be measured when it comes down to identifying sales conversions or just overall brand awareness.

Keep team Inspired and experimental:

To keep your audience engaged and inspired, you need to give the people in your creative team the freedom to innovate. They'll get excited about new ideas, and you'll use relevant topics to engage with them on their level. The more you collaborate on brainstorm sessions, the more likely they will make meaningful contributions, as it will move your goals forward, keeping you and your objectives ahead of the curve.

How to do that:

To keep your team inspired, you have to give them the freedom and tools to experiment, "fail fast," learn from their mistakes, try again, and eventually succeed. Because when your team knows to take risks and try new things, they not only find ways that are going to provide value for their audience but also ones that move closer toward achieving their goals.

Invest in required Tools:

Building a team is what prepares your company for influencer marketing. However, building a reliable tech stack enables that team to be successful in their efforts. Since there are countless details involved during this process like drawing up contracts, vetting and hiring influencers, sending briefs, aligning campaigns, and tracking performance;

it would help if you had people on your trustworthy staff who can fulfill those responsibilities while also making sure never to quit; you can't put all this on manual. This is where automation comes in handy!

And the best way to ensure the latter is by making these roles automated so that the information is transferred without fail into your CRM system.


Influencer Marketing requires an organized team to plan and execute. If you're considering it but not sure how it all works, read on for the essentials and a few examples of successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Making sure you've got a strong foundation is key. Setting your overall goals and metrics is a great starting point to outline your team's structure. From there, focus on hiring people first and foremost as the driver to getting a return on your investment in influencer marketing.

Note that a culture of experimentation allows your team to try, fail, and deliver.

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