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3 Hidden reasons why your personal care business isn’t growing on social media.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

You have started your personal care brand and why not it’s the best industry to grow after COVID but instead of immense sales, your business started to vanish from social media in the initial stage. If that’s the scenario my dear you have come to the right place. Before going further we just wanted to ask you one question: Do you think not getting enough conversions is just because of your lack of knowledge about Instagram algorithms? Is it?

Stay tuned with us to get the answer to this question.

The personal care industry has products, such as face masks and body scrubs, that play a big role in self-care routines; they've traditionally been more workhorses than show ponies for the beauty industry. Recently, that's started to change as personal care products have surged in popularity, thanks to interest in natural and organic ingredients, as well as a thriving community on social media. This is clearly evident as the sales of the skincare market in India have been valued at Rs 12,976 crore in 2020 and are expected to reach a value of Rs 19,109 crore by 2025.

We got to see for the very first time that the “skincare industry is growing more rapidly than the makeup industry.” After performing many surveys we got to know that product demand from natural and organic skincare brands has increased over the last few years. Women, the primary consumers in the skincare industry, are adding anti-aging products to their skin care regimens as they get older. Men are increasingly showing interest in skincare products, and in turn, companies are launching new lines targeted at them.

We all know you must be aware of these statistics but are still wondering what would be the reason for not getting enough traffic.

Reasons why personal care brands are not able to market their business on social media.

1. Body image plays an important role in your industry.

Social media has had a major impact on the perceptual, affective, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of body image by encouraging lean body patterns and delivering anti-obesity messages. 33 million Instagram users are gen z. At that young age, most of them are not very confident about their body and when they go online all they see is a 5.8 feet slim model already having glowy skin promoting skincare products. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought of using models for your next product shoot!

Solution: People just wanted to see normal human images. By normal we are meaning a person whom your audience can relate with. So try shooting people in your office or with your friends and family to see the results for yourself.

2. Collaborations are not converting sales.

Collaborating with Influencers has become one of the most important and quickest ways to let your product get introduced to a new set of audiences. Are you saying you have already done that but still no sales from potential customers? If yes then we want to ask you one question: Did you research their analytics before collaborating with them?

Solution: Collaborating is important but collaborating with the right influencer for your brand is crucial! By right I mean search about their audience, what kind of people they are interacting with? Are those your prime audience? Research well about their content and niche too, how creative their content is, and what’s their prime niche. You can hire an influencer marketer too. This industry is gonna bloom in the next few years!

3. Demand For personalized things got increased

Brand posts on social media, share their updates on it and communicate with their audience. What are they primarily looking for? ATTENTION from their user. Have you ever thought your user wants the same things from you? Yes everybody wants attention on social media but how can a brand make it personalized for their user.

Solution: Personalized discounts, coupon codes, in-cart discounts, and many more giveaways which make them feel special about using your brand. As the study from Marketo showed, 79% of consumers say they are only likely to use a brand’s promotion if the promotion is tailored to previous interactions. It is no longer a trend. It is a clear demand from the market.


We asked you a question at the beginning of the blog and we are sure you got your answer. Algorithms do play an important role but marketing your business and conversion has much more into it apart from the algorithm. While the beauty and cosmetics industry evolves with the trends, the challenges stay the same.

Try including the solution we have told you about and share the results with us on our Instagram. We would be more than happy to help you grow your business after all we are just like Social media marketer in a pocket.

Let CRIO help you!

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