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How to turn into a pioneer brand in a niche within one year of the launch using CRIO


Kooshlee Store is a home-grown online destination for curated craft supplies and products. The brand's vision is to fuel a passion for art and craft amongst the Indian audience in this increasingly digitalized world.

Kooshlee was created not only to sell Craft Supplies but to make your everyday life more exciting and create a fantastic community of like-minded people with their products. For creating a community, everyone knows marketing is the key.

Kooshlee was not only selling Craft supplies; they were selling elements of a beautiful life
Marketing Head CRIO Digital, ABHISHEK MEHTA
Kooshlee Store is a women-led brand that took shape in the pandemic and was launched in the Covid lockdown 2021 in Delhi, founded by Akansha. The overarching aim for these two passionate individuals was to spark creativity and help people realize the essence of touch that goes into building things you love.

Even though they had a clear vision, making their brand visible in front of an unknown audience was a significant challenge in the cluttered market.

With a blank canvas for marketing and simultaneously handling their whole business from finances, sourcing, and customer management to shipping, the Kooshlee Team turned to CRIO for Digital Media Marketing.


As Kooshlee's Head of Digital Marketing, Akansha knows how crucial social media is to reach a new audience and convert initial viewers into customers. So when the team began exploring social media management platforms, Akansha dug deep into real people and their experiences to find the right tool for the job after their initial struggle with organic marketing.

Kooshlee wanted to come in front of its audience as a brand that not only sells products but a brand that nurtures its audience to build community within its niche.

With too many tasks in their hand, constant involvement in social media marketing takes a lot of time and effort for the two business owners. Social media-related tasks become a hassle from conceptualizing what to post daily, creating content for their Instagram, and not having a clue about the overall social media strategy.

All these tasks required much time or an external resource which wasn't feasible for a brand that was starting fresh. They tried handling marketing independently, but mainly it required the expertise they didn't have.

The best thing I love about CRIO App is it simplifies the process of going viral on social media. I’m a business owner I have to handle so many other things than social media and creating content which takes a lot of time but with CRIO App it’s a game of 2 mins and I love how that made such a cumbersome task into a child’s play
Rohan, Founder Aamsome


Kooshlee Store started using CRIO App in April 2021 to solve their everyday social media struggles. Since then, they've extracted even more engagement and sales from the priority platforms Instagram. CRIO Marketing Guide helped them achieve their goal by providing customized activities according to their problem.

Their overall brand presence online has driven traffic and further collaboration between the industry influencers and the community, with Kooshlee being the medium for both. Kooshlee's long-term goal is to make a creative community that thrives on creativity come alive in front of their audience with help personalized marketing strategies that help them stay true to their objective without putting in any effort.

With creative automation of its social media posts, the brand succeeded in increasing its content lifecycle and being at the top of ever-changing Instagram algorithms.



Increased Brand Awareness 


Unique Enquires


Worth of Sales in 2 Months

Kooshlee Community is still in its early stage and has seen tremendous feedback. The brand is close to the entrepreneur's heart, and in the future, they would like to keep it personal as that gives the brand its identity.

This CRIO App has been a savior where it has guided us in our marketing journey to bring us where we are.

If you're ready to gain the trust of your audience through the power of social media, start your free 30-day trial on CRIO App or request a Personalized Cheatsheet for your brand.

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