Instagram DMs are no longer just for fun or sending messages to your friends. Nowadays, they're considered a great business tool that can help to increase your brand awareness and lift your brand's popularity among the target audience.

But only a few of them know how exactly they should DMing people to convert them into your clients without spamming.

At this point, let's learn about mistakes one should avoid while DMing

1. Didn't address by name: When you didn't address people or your prospect client by their name, it seems like you are copying and pasting messages from one person to another, which isn't right.

2. Not researching correctly: Try to research your audience before DMing to them; researching about them helps you to understand how and in what way you can help them.

3. Not taking NO as an answer: Not taking NO as an answer and keep pushing them is the worst thing you can do. Your behavior might irritate people and make them not interested.

4. Made Assumptions: Don't just assume on your own that this person might be facing that problem; try to ask them what they are facing and build the conversation.

5. No two-way conversation: Try to make a two-way conversation, don't just do questioning and answering on your own; this isn't beneficial at all. Without good conversation, you cannot convert people into your client.


Now that you’ve learned about the most common DMing mistakes, it’s time to get out there and start communicating. The best way to learn is through trial and error, so start reaching out and see the great results you can get from DMing in a mindful way.

However, make sure you are not spamming your followers and waiting for them to respond; instead, make it look like they are having a conversation with you. Use CRIO App for getting the best idea of how to make an outstanding conversation with your audience and make them loyal customers.

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We all must have heard about quality content and how creating high-quality content is one of the essential aspects for better reach and followers on social media platforms.

But what is quality content? And how can we decide what comes under Instagram content quality and what is not?

To know more about quality content,

Let's discuss the four most essential characteristics of quality content:

1. Aesthetics of your post

Always remember feed should be colourful, appealing, and readable to grow your Instagram account.

Since Instagram is a visual platform, you need to be more cautious about how your Instagram posts look on the feed; is it even appealing on the first look? Making your feed style, that's how you look different from others.

2. Original content wins

While making content, always ensure that kind of content you are making is original and relatable; when it is relatable, it automatically turns into sharable content.

So, when your content is likable, and people find it useful, you win the game of social media marketing.

3. Must bring value

Remember that your content needs to be original and valuable to your audience to succeed.

Knowing your target audience, their needs, and their wants is essential. When making content for your products or services, will my target audience benefit from this? Is this information even useful?

4. Value of caption

The caption has the same importance as your post and is not just a written statement. It is more about conversational ways to engage with your audience. So, try to engage your audience with more engaging captions.


To create engaging and memorable Instagram content, focus on capturing the proper emotional response. Instagram is filled with beautiful photos of things that make us happy, so successful brands should clearly know what type of content is appropriate for their brands. Content that speaks to the audience's interests is the most likely to result in engagement and strong brand loyalty.

CRIO is an app that can help you create quality content quickly and easily, regardless of your niche.

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Updated: Aug 2

With its huge number of users and posts every day, Instagram is a great platform for advertisers. Ads on Instagram can effectively get new customers, but having an account and posting is not enough. You don't need to spend much money to get more conversions but be strategic with your content. Here are some tips on creating effective ads.

Are you looking to create a stellar set of high-performing ads on Instagram? Start with these ideas.

1) Make it look like organic content.

Ads that don't look like regular content can disrupt the flow of user experience, and those users could have ad blindness where they scroll past your ad without engaging or end up hiding the ad or any content you serve. To avoid this, ads should blend with the other content on a user's feed and make it feel like any other organic content.

Start researching what content your demographic is following and create something that aligns with what they like and will engage with! Knowing your audience is one of the most important steps to ensure your content works for them.

2) Use User-generated content ( influencer & blogger)

Your customers are your best billboard for your products on the internet. In an era of personalization and representation, UGC is a key part of any ad strategy.

There is something innately personal about seeing yourself as part of a larger brand community.

However, truly embracing UGC requires trust in their ability to capture quality photography that feels real and produced. It's easy to see why your company's products resonate through your customers' lens.

3) Align your targeting with your audience and outcome.

Many great ads fail because they are not targeted to the right audience. The most basic element of advertising is making the ad appealing to the people you want to sell to, which requires targeting them specifically. Often, ad campaigns forget basics like age, location, language, and customer data and interests in favour of creativity, but this is a mistake.

The best creative assets in the market cannot sell to people who are not interested in what you are selling, and this can waste your budget and lower your ROI.

4) Stop your audience with motion.

There are many ways to incorporate motion into ads, such as slideshows, videos, and GIFs. Though video may not be right for every ad campaign, it can effectively get attention. When planning a new ad campaign, consider a video a good option.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Would the product be easier to understand if it was in motion?

  • Can we show a unique attribute through motion?

  • What type of video would be most effective?

  • How does this asset perform compared to static images?

5) Have a Clear CTA.

Your ad needs a strong call to action, just like your regular posts. You can create multiple ads with different CTAs on Instagram.

The most effective CTAs for Instagram ads are "Contact Us," "Sign Up," "Watch More," "Book Now," "Learn More," "Download," and "Apply Now." A study shows that choosing the right CTA button on your ad can boost your conversions by 32%.

In Conclusion

There is no one answer to what makes a great Instagram ad. However, some factors that make an ad more likely successful include being eye-catching, speaking to the target audience, and demonstrating the product appealingly. Happy Publishing!

Go to CRIO for more such helpful marketing activity tips.

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