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How Aamsome increased their sales by 54% with CRIO


Known for their organic farming, Aamsome took an organic approach to grow mangoes by eliminating the high level of toxicity contained in the pesticides they had to spray on the crops. Delivering pure and natural variety of mangoes farm to plate without any middlemen.

In 2017, Rohan, the founder of Aamsome, (formerly known as "Sure Organic") had the vision to take a holistic, inclusive, and sustainable brand that boosts humankind's health and well-being.

Aamsome social media content earlier was just the pictures of fruits and newspaper ads
Marketing Head CRIO Digital, ABHISHEK MEHTA


With his life around building grassroots of Aamsome,

Rohan had a crystal clear knowledge about organic farming whereas he had no idea how to promote his business. Creating an outstanding product is amazing but without marketing it’s not going to reach its potential customer.

Till 2021 Aamsome was in the B2B market but achieving the dream of everyone eating a fruit that is fresh and contains a high level of vitamin C and fiber brought Rohan into the B2C market.

In early 2021 Aamsome onboarded the CRIO platform to help them with their branding and marketing. The first step CRIO took is to provide Aamsome with the CRIO App to help them with their current marketing strategy, content creation, and ad publishing.

The main problem Rohan was facing is he had no idea how to connect the audience with his brand and build trust among his customer. As he was starting in B2C Business he had no proper team which can help him market his business over social media.

The best thing I love about CRIO App is it simplifies the process of going viral on social media. I’m a business owner I have to handle so many other things than social media and creating content which takes a lot of time but with CRIO App it’s a game of 2 mins and I love how that made such a cumbersome task into a child’s play
Rohan, Founder Aamsome


After having excellent branding, now is the time to deliver the mangoes to the customers with the marketing strategies. For any business, we know marketing plays an important role.

Our App metrics work on brand awareness activities, personalized content suggestions, and AI-suggested Content.

CRIO App helped Aamsome social media by providing a personalized AI-generated marketing guide, CRIO engine uses research and algorithms by analyzing Aamsome and creates activities to perform daily. Not only that they have improved their visuals with the content suggestions provided in the App. Create content in 2 minutes.



Increased Brand Awareness 


Unique Enquires


Worth of Sales in 2 Months

The sales have increased 52% compared to the last season. Now Aamsome is delivering all over India and making all the people fall in love with it.

The love which Aamsome is receiving is marvelous, and it happened because now the awareness on social media has increased by 614%.

160% increment in the unique inquiry. You want to know why it's happening because now Aamsome has gained the trust of millions of people.

If you're ready to gain the trust of your audience through the power of social media, start your free 30-day trial on CRIO App or request a Personalized Cheatsheet for your brand.

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